Vol 8, No 3 (2018)

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Original Articles

Noninvasive Optical Diagnostic Techniques for Mobile Blood Glucose and Bilirubin Monitoring Pages: 125-139
Bahare Javid , Faranak FotouhiGhazvini , Fahime Sadat Zakeri
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Tracheal Sound Analysis for Automatic Detection of Respiratory Depression in Adult Patients during Cataract Surgery under Sedation Pages: 140-146
Neda Esmaeili , Hossein Rabbani , Soheila Makaremi , Marzieh Golabbakhsh , Mahmoud Saghaei , Mehdi Parviz , Khosro Naghibi
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Performance Investigation of Marginalized Particle‑Extended Kalman Filter under Different Particle Weighting Strategies in the Field of Electrocardiogram Denoising Pages: 147-160
Maryam Mohebbi , Hamed Danandeh Hesar
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An Optimized Framework for Cancer Prediction Using Immunosignature Pages: 161-169
Fatemeh Safaei Firouzabadi , Alireza Vard , Mohammadreza Sehhati , Mohammadreza Mohebian
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Bacterial Bioprinting on a Flexible Substrate for Fabrication of a Colorimetric Temperature Indicator by Using a Commercial Inkjet Printer Pages: 170-174
Zeinab Mohammadi , Mohsen Rabbani
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Photoneutron Dose Estimation in GRID Therapy Using an Anthropomorphic Phantom: A Monte Carlo Study Pages: 175-183
Nahid Chegeni , Amir Hossein Karimi , Iraj Jabbari , Shole Arvandi
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Short Reports

Employing the Local Radon Transform for Melanoma Segmentation in Dermoscopic Images Pages: 184-194
Alireza Amoabedini , Mahsa Saffari Farsani , Hamidreza Saberkari , Ehsan Aminian
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Different Dosimeters/Detectors Used in Small-Field Dosimetry: Pros and Cons Pages: 195-203
Wrya Parwaie , Soheila Refahi , Mahdieh Afkhami Ardekani , Bagher Farhood
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