Vol 5, No 2 (2015)

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Interdisciplinary Researches in Iran III: (Multi-Dimensional) Medical Signal Analysis Softwares Pages: 75-76
Dr Hossein Rabbani
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Review Articles

Comprehensive Performance Study of Magneto Cantilevers as a Candidate Model for Biological Sensors used in Lab-on-a-Chip Applications Pages: 77-87
Hamidreza Saberkari , Habib Badri Ghavifekr , Mousa Shamsi
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Original Articles

Biomarker Discovery Based on Hybrid Optimization Algorithm and Artificial Neural Networks on Microarray Data for Cancer Classification Pages: 88-96
Niloofar Yousefi Moteghaed , Shiva Pirhadi , Keivan Maghooli , Masoud Garshasbi
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Longitudinal Impedance Tomography for Blood Pressure Characterization of Valve Deformation Pages: 97-104
Zahra Vahabi , Rasool Amirfattahi
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Evaluation on Geant4 Hadronic Models for Pion Minus, Pion Plus and Neutron Particles as Major Antiproton Annihilation Products Pages: 105-109
Mohammad Bagher Tavakoli , Mohammad Mehdi Mohammadi , Reza Reiazi , Keyvan Jabbari
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Designing and Dosimetry of a Shield for Photon Fields of Radiation Therapy in Oral Cavity Cancer Pages: 110-116
keyvan Jabbari , Somayeh Senobari , Mahnaz Roayaei , Masoumeh Rostampour
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Developing a Commercial Air Ultrasonic Ceramic Transducer to Transdermal Insulin Delivery Pages: 117-122
Nasrollah Jabbari , Mohammad Hossein Asghari , Hassan Ahmadian , Peyman Mikaili
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Methodology Articles

Validation of a Prototype Optical Computed Tomography System Pages: 123-130
Seyed Salman Zakariaee , Mikaeil Molazadeh , Abbas Takavar , Alireza Shirazi , Asghar Mesbahi , Ahad Zeinali
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