The Optimal Model for Copy-Move Forgery Detection in Medical Images

Ehsan Amiri, Ahmad Mosallanejad, Amir Sheikhahmadi

DOI: 10.4103/jmss.jmss_35_22



Digital devices can easily forge medical images. Copy-move forgery detection (CMFD) in medical image has led to abuses in areas where access to advanced medical devices is unavailable. Forgery of the copy-move image directly affects the doctor’s decision. The method discussed here is an optimal method for detecting medical image forgery.


The proposed method is based on an evolutionary algorithm that can detect fake blocks well. In the first stage, the image is taken to the signal level with the help of a discrete cosine transform (DCT). It is then ready for segmentation by applying discrete wavelet transform (DWT). The low-low band of DWT, which has the most image properties, is divided into blocks. Each block is searched using the equilibrium optimization algorithm. The blocks are most likely to be selected, and the final image is generated.


The proposed method was evaluated based on three criteria of precision, recall, and F1 and obtained 90.07%, 92.34%, and 91.56%, respectively. It is superior to the methods studied on medical images.


It concluded that our method for CMFD in the medical images was more accurate.

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