An Analysis on Top Commented Posts in Reddit Social Network about COVID-19

Khalil Kimiafar, Mehdi Dadkhah, Masoumeh Sarbaz, Mohammad Mehraeen

DOI: 10.4103/jmss.JMSS_36_20


At the moment, people have been quarantined for COVID-19 management. In such a situation, people share their concerns, ideas, questions, etc., through social media more than before. Face-to-face relationships have been replaced with virtual relationships through the Internet. COVID-19 will not be controlled without people’s collaboration with medical personnel, managers, and policy-makers (source: authors’ observation). Besides working on the treatment of patients, researching to find the COVID-19 vaccine, etc. It is essential to consider people’s concerns and try to address them for gaining more co-operation from their sides. In this regard, social media mining can help to understand what is on the point of discussion about COVID-19 by the public. By gaining a list of topics, we can plan better for dealing with COVID-19 as the public have a vital role in the prevention of virus dissemination.




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