Automatic Evaluation of Crown Preparation Using Image Processing Techniques: A Substitute to Faculty Scoring in Dental Education

Bahareh Tahani, Abdolreza Rashno, Hamed Haghighi, Rasoul Monirifard, Hooman Nosrati Khomami, Rahele Kafieh

DOI: 10.4103/jmss.JMSS_5_20


Background: This study presents a new and innovative experimental method, including software and its prerequisite instruments, to use image processing techniques for crown preparation analysis. Materials and Methods: A platform was designed and constructed to take images from artificial teeth in different angles and directions and to process and analyze them by the proposed method to evaluate the quality and quantity of crown preparation. For each tooth, two series of images were taken from the artificial teeth before and after preparation, and image series were registered by two semi-automated and automated methods to transform them into one coordinate system. Region of interest was segmented by user interaction, and tooth region was segmented by substeps such as transformation to hue, saturation, and value color space, edge detection, morphology operations, and contour extraction. Finally, the amount and angle of crown preparation were computed and compared with standard measures to evaluate the quality of crown preparation. The proposed method was applied to a local dataset collected from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Results: Difference between the angle of crown preparation computed by the proposed method and that of the experts showed a mean absolute error of 7.17. The correlation between the segmented regions by the proposed method and those of the experts was also evaluated by the Intersection over Union (IOU) criterion. The best and worst performances achieved in cases by IOU were 0.94 and 0.76, respectively. Finally, the segmentation results of the proposed method indicated an average IOU of 0.89 in all images. Conclusions: Students can use this method as an assessment tool in preclinical tooth preparation to compare their crown work with standard parameters.


Assessment, computer-assisted image processing, dental education, grading, preclinical simulation, prosthodontic tooth preparation

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