Interdisciplinary Researches in Iran IV: The Road Map of Ocular Image Analysis Research Group

Rahele Kafieh, Zahra Amini, Hossein Rabbani



Nowadays, the world is faced with diverse challenging issues which lead to the development of communities to discuss about the matter and provide solutions for them. Academic research centers are then established to puzzle out the raised questions with reliance on expert opinions and studies in response to the current prevailing needs.

Islamic Republic of Iran blessed with knowledgeable academic resources, is currently growing fast in research[1]. A great number of centers are already dedicated to research, commonly with the focus on a specific area. However, the real maturity in research centers demands accurate and precise definition of the goals and solidarity to approach the target. Such a mature center can be expected to deliver valuable products in a predetermined time. It is expected that designing a roadmap would be helpful in achieving such a maturity.


roadmap, research groups

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