A Cellular Automata based model for simulating Restitution property in a Single Heart Cell

S.H. Sabzpoushan, Fateme Pourhasanzade



  • Ventricular fibrillation is the cause of the most sudden deaths. The recent findings have clearly proved the correlation between the slope of restitution curve with ventricular fibrillation. Cellular automata is a powerful tool for simulating complex phenomena in a simple language. In this paper, a simple model is proposed for the simulation of the property of restitution in a single cardiac cell using cellular automata. At first, two state variables; action potential and recovery are introduced in the automata model. In second, automata rule is determined and then recovery variable is defined in such a way so that the restitution is developed. In order to evaluate the proposed model, the generated restitution curve in our study is compared with the restitution curves from the experimental findings of valid sources. Our findings indicate that the presented model is not only capable of simulating restitution in cardiac cell, but also possesses the capability of regulating the restitution curve

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