Monte Carlo simulation of Siemens ONCOR linear accelerator with EGSnrc code

Keivan Jabbari, Hossein Saberi Anvar, Mohammad Bagher Tavakoli, AliReza Amouheidari



Background: The Monte Carlo method is the most accurate method for simulation of radiation therapy equipment. The linear accelerators are currently the most widely used machines in radiation therapy centers.

Methods: In this work, a Monte Carlo modelling of the Siemens ONCOR linear accelerator in 6 MV and 18 MV beams was performed. The results of simulation were validated by measurements in water by ionization chamber and EDR 2 film in solid water.  The linac’s x-ray particular are so sensitive to the properties of primary electron beam. Square field size of 10 × 10 cm2 produced by the jaws was compared with ionization chamber and film measurements.  Head simulation was performed with BEAMnrc and dose calculation with DOSXYZnrc For film measurements and 3ddose file produced by DOSXYZnrc analyzed used homemade MATLAB program. Results: At 6 MV, the agreement between dose calculated by Monte Carlo modelling and direct measurement was obtained to the least restrictive of 1%, even in the build-up region.  At 18 MV, the agreement was obtained 1%, except for in the build-up region. In the build-up region, the difference was 1% at 6 MV and 2% at 18 MV. Conclusions: The mean difference between measurements and Monte Carlo simulation is very small in both of ONCOR x-ray energy. The results are highly accurate  and can be used for many applications such as patient dose calculation in treatment planning and in studies that model this linac with small field size such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy technique.


X-ray modelling; film dosimetry; BEAMnrc code

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