Wireless Patient Monitoring System Based on Smart Wristbands and Central user Interface Software

Mohammad Hossein Vafaie, Ebrahim Ahmadi Beni

DOI: 10.4103/jmss.jmss_47_22


In this article, a patient monitoring system is proposed that is able to obtain heart rate and oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels of patients, identify abnormal conditions, and inform emergency status to the nurses. The proposed monitoring system consists of smart patient wristbands, smart nurse wristbands, central monitoring user interface (UI) software, and a wireless communication network. In the proposed monitoring system, a unique smart wristband is dedicated to each of the patients and nurses. To measure heart rate and SpO2 level, a pulse oximeter sensor is used in the patient wristbands. The output of this sensor is transferred to the wristband’s microcontroller where heart rate and SpO2 are calculated through advanced signal processing algorithms. Then, the calculated values are transmitted to central UI software through a wireless network. In the UI software, received values are compared with their normal values and a predefined message is sent to the nurses’ wristband if an abnormal condition is identified. Whenever this message is received by a nurse’s wristband, an acoustic alarm with vibration is generated to inform an emergency status to the nurse. By doing so, health services are delivered to the patients more quickly and as a result, the probability of the patient recovery is increased effectively.


Heart rate; oxygen saturation level; patient monitoring system; pulse oximeter; Smart wristband; wireless network

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ISSN : 2228-7477