Constructing Multiwavelet?based Shearlets and using Them for Automatic Segmentation of Noisy Brain Images Affected by COVID-19

Nasser Aghazadeh, Paria Moradi, Parisa Noras

DOI: 10.4103/jmss.jmss_29_22


Backgorund: Nowadays, everybody’s life is dominated by COVID-19, which might have been the source of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. This virus disrupts the lungs first of all. Recently, it has been found that coronavirus may affect the brain. Because all body actions rely on the brain, hence investigating its healthy is an essential item in coronavirus effects. Method: Brain image segmentation can be helpful in the detection of the regions damaged by the effects of coronavirus. Since every image given by photography devices may have noises, therefore, first of all, the brain magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) images must be denoised for best investigation. In the present paper, we have presented the construction of multishearlets based on multiwavelets for the first time and have used them for the purpose of denoising. Multiwavelets have some advantages to wavelets. Therefore, we have used them in the shearlet system to expand the properties of multiwavelets in all directions. After denoising, we have proposed a scheme for the automatic characterization of the initial curve in the active contour model for segmentation. Detecting the initial curve is a challenging task in active contour?based segmentation because detecting an initial curve far from the desired region can lead to unfavorable results. Results: The results show the performance of using multishearlets in detecting affected regions by COVID-19. Using multishearlets has led to the high value of peak signal?to?noise ratio and Structural similarity index measure in comparison with original shearlets. Original shearlets are constructed from wavelets whereas we have constructed multishearlets from multiwavelets. Conclusion: The results show that multishearlets can neutralize the effect of noise in MRA images in a good way rather than shearlets. Moreover, the proposed scheme for segmentation can lead to 0.99 accuracy.


Active contour, COVID-19, high?pass filter, low-pass filter, multiwavelet, segmentation, shearlet transform

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