Evaluation of Asymmetry in Right and Left Eyes of Normal Individuals Using Extracted Features from Optical Coherence Tomography and Fundus Images

Tahereh Mahmudi, Rahele Kafieh, Hossein Rabbani, Alireza Mehri Dehnavi, Mohammad Reza Akhlaghi

DOI: 10.4103/jmss.JMSS_67_19


Background: Asymmetry analysis of retinal layers in right and left eyes can be a valuable tool for early diagnoses of retinal diseases. To determine the limits of the normal interocular asymmetry in retinal layers around macula, thickness measurements are obtained with optical coherence tomography (OCT). Methods: For this purpose, after segmentation of intraretinal layer in threedimensional OCT data and calculating the midmacular point, the TM of each layer is obtained in 9 sectors in concentric circles around the macula. To compare corresponding sectors in the right and left eyes, the TMs of the left and right images are registered by alignment of retinal raphe (i.e. diskfovea axes). Since the retinal raphe of macular OCTs is not calculable due to limited region size, the TMs are registered by first aligning corresponding retinal raphe of fundus images and then registration of the OCTs to aligned fundus images. To analyze the asymmetry in each retinal layer, the mean and standard deviation of thickness in 9 sectors of 11 layers are calculated in 50 normal individuals. Results: The results demonstrate that some sectors of retinal layers have signifcant asymmetry with P < 0.05 in normal population. In this base, the tolerance limits for normal individuals are calculated. Conclusion: This article shows that normal population does not have identical retinal information in both eyes, and without considering this reality, normal asymmetry in information gathered from both eyes might be interpreted as retinal disorders.


Alignment, asymmetry analysis, fundus images, optical coherence tomography

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