Sperm detection in video frames of semen sample using morphology and effective ellipse detection method

hatef seyed mahdavi



CASA (Computer assisted semen analysis) systems are designed to assist Andrologist labour. Most available CASA systems are not accurate or so expensive. Therefore labours use manual methods to provide parameters. Although some companies have achieved appropriate accuracy, they have not released their methods. So proposing methods in this area might be useful for groups who intend to design new CASA system. One of the parameters which these systems compute is sperm count. In this paper we introduce our algorithm which can count sperms with an acceptable accuracy. Sperm count or concentration is one determinant parameter in male fertility. Our program preprocesses the video frame or image of semen sample under the microscope recorded by camera, then use morphology and effective ellipse detection method techniques to segment sperms and then count appropriate sperms.

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