A Review of Modeling techniques for Genetic Regulatory Networks

hanif yagoobi



Understanding the genetic regulatory networks, the discovery of interactions between genes, and understanding regulatory processes in a cell at the gene level, is one of the major goals of system biology and computational biology. Modeling gene regulatory networks, describing the actions of the cells at the molecular level and is used in medicine and molecular biology applications such as metabolic pathways and drug discovery. Modeling these networks is also one of the important issues in Genomic Signal Processing. After the advent of microarray technology, it is possible to model these networks using time-series data. In this paper, we provide an extensive review of methods that have been used on time-series data and represent features, advantages and disadvantages of each. Also, we classify these methods according to their nature. A parallel study of these methods can lead to the discovery of new synthetic methods or improve previous methods.


Gene Regulatory Network (GRN), Microarray time-series data, GRN reverse engineering models

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