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Isfahan MISP dataset

Masoud Kashefpur, Rahele Kafieh, Sahar Jorjandi, Hadis Golmohammadi, Zahra Khodabande, Mohammadreza Abbasi, Ali Akbar Fakharzadeh, Maryam Kashefpoor, Hossein Rabbani



An online depository was introduced to share clinical ground truth with the public and provide open access for researchers to evaluate their computer-aided algorithms. PHP was used for web programming and MySQL for database managing. The website was entitled “†It was a fast, secure, and easy-to-use online database for medical signals and images. Freely registered users could download the datasets and could also share their own supplementary materials while maintaining their privacies (citation and fee). Commenting was also available for all datasets, and automatic sitemap and semiautomatic SEO indexing have been set for the site. A comprehensive list of available websites for medical datasets is also presented as a Supplementary.


Algorithms, computers, dataset, online

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