A Novel Method for Pulsometry Based on Traditional Iranian Medicin

Farzane Yousefipoor, Vahidreza Nafisi



Arterial pulse measurement is one of the most important methods for evaluation of healthy conditions. In traditional Iranian medicine (TIM), physician may detect radial pulse by holding four fingers on the patient’s wrist. By using this method, under standard condition, the detected pulses are subjective and erroneous, in case of weak and/or abnormal pulses, the ambiguity of diagnosis may rise. In this paper, we present an equipment which is designed and implemented for automation of traditional pulse detection method. By this novel system, the developed noninvasive diagnostic method and database based on the TIM are way forward to apply tradition medicine and diagnose patients with present technology. The accuracy for period measuring is 76% and systolic peak is 72%.


Arterial pulse, pulsometry, radial artery, traditional Iranian medicine, volume pulse

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