Discriminative CSP Sub-Bands Weighting Based On DSLVQ Method In Motor Imagery Based BCI

Fatemeh Jamaloo, Mohammad Mikaeili



Common spatial pattern (CSP) is a method commonly used to enhance the effects of event‑related desynchronization and event‑related synchronization present in multichannel electroencephalogram‑based brain‑computer interface (BCI) systems. In the present study, a novel CSP sub‑band feature selection has been proposed based on the discriminative information of the features. Besides, a distinction sensitive learning vector quantization based weighting of the selected features has been considered. Finally, after the classification of the weighted features using a support vector machine classifier, the performance of the suggested method has been compared with the existing methods based on frequency band selection, on the same BCI competitions datasets. The results show that the proposed method yields superior results on “ay†subject dataset compared against existing approaches such as sub‑band CSP, filter bank CSP (FBCSP), discriminative FBCSP, and sliding window discriminative CSP.


Brain‑computer interface, common spatial pattern, distinction sensitive learning vector quantization

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