A New Method for Sperm Characterization for Infertility Treatment: Hypothesis Testing by Using Combination of Watershed Segmentation and Graph Theory

Seyed Vahab Shojaedini, Masoud Heydari



Shape and movement features of sperms are important parameters for infertility study and treatment. In this article, a new method is introduced for characterizing sperms in microscopic videos. In this method, first a hypothesis framework is defined to distinguish sperms from other particles in captured video. Then decision about each hypothesis is done in following steps: Selecting some primary regions as candidates for sperms by watershed‑based segmentation, pruning of some false candidates during successive frames using graph theory concept and finally confirming correct sperms by using their movement trajectories. Performance of the proposed method is evaluated on real captured images belongs to semen with high density of sperms. The obtained results show the proposed method may detect 97% of sperms in presence of 5% false detections and track 91% of moving sperms. Furthermore, it can be shown that better characterization of sperms in proposed algorithm doesn’t lead to extracting more false sperms compared to some present approaches


Graph theory, hypothesis testing, sperm characterization, watershed segmentation

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