Accurate D-bar Reconstructions of Conductivity Images Based on a Method of Moment with Sinc Basis

Mahdi Abbasi



Planar D-bar integral equation is one of the inverse scattering solution methods for complex problems including inverse conductivity considered in applications such as Electrical impedance tomography (EIT). Recently two different methodologies are considered for the numerical solution of D-bar integrals equation, namely product integrals and multigrid. The first one involves high computational burden and the other one suffers from low convergence rate (CR). In this paper, a novel high speed moment method based using the sinc basis is introduced to solve the two-dimensional D-bar integral equation. In this method, all functions within D-bar integral equation are first expanded using the sinc basis functions. Then, the orthogonal properties of their products dissolve the integral operator of the D-bar equation and results a discrete convolution equation. That is, the new moment method leads to the equation solution without direct computation of the D-bar integral. The resulted discrete convolution equation maybe adapted to a suitable structure to be solved using fast Fourier Transform. This allows us to reduce the order of computational complexity to as low as O (N2 log N). Simulation results on solving D-bar equations arising in EIT problem show that the proposed method is accurate with an ultra-linear CR.


D-bar; inverse scattering; method of moments; sinc basis

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