Fuzzy Logic Controller for Hemodialysis Machine Based on Human Body Model

Vahid Reza Nafisi, Manouchehr Eghbal, Mohammad Reza Jahed Motlagh, Fatemeh Yavari



  • Fuzzy controllers are being used in various control schemes. The aim of this work was adjusting hemodialysis machine parameters utilizing a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) so that patient’s hemodynamic condition remains stable during hemodialysis treatment. For this purpose a comprehensive mathematical model of the arterial pressure response during hemodialysis, including hemodynamic, osmotic, and regulatory phenomena was used. The multi input multi output (MIMO) fuzzy logic controller receives three parameters from the model (heart rate, arterial blood pressure, and relative blood volume) as input. According to the changes in controller input values and its rule base, the outputs change so that the patient’s hemodynamic condition remains stable. The results of simulations illustrate that applying the controller can improve the stability of patient’s hemodynamic condition during hemodialysis treatment and also decreases treatment time. Furthermore with using fuzzy logic there is no need to have prior knowledge about the system under control and FLC is compatible with different patients.

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